A Serious Crime Prevention Order has been imposed on the leader of a criminal gang found guilty of trafficking drugs into Scotland, reports the Crown Office

Michael Carroll, Lee Curtin and Donald Gray were involved in the supply of heroin, cocaine and cannabis worth more than £260,000.

At the High Court in Glasgow in March, Carroll admitted two drugs offences that were aggravated by a connection to serious crime, while Curtin and Gray also admitted being involved in supplying drugs.

The gang were sentenced to a total of nearly 11 years in jail last month.

A Serious Crime Prevention Order has now been imposed against Carroll. The order, which lasts for five years after he is released from prison, restricts his association with three people, including some of those involved in the case, and ownership of communication devices.

The court heard previously that a surveillance operation carried out by Police Scotland saw Carroll put a blue bag containing nearly £15,000 cash into a car in Dundee in August 2017.

He left the car and the occupants drove off, throwing the bag out of the window when they realised they were being followed by police.

Later that month officers discovered 28kg of cannabis resin worth around £120,000 in Carroll’s house, along with heroin worth £12,500.

Curtin was arrested in Liverpool in September after his DNA was matched to bags of cannabis worth £90,000 which had been seized from a house in Dundee earlier in the year.

Cocaine worth more than £45,000 was discovered when police searched Gray’s house the following month.

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