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Murder is defined as taking another’s life either with intent or wicked recklessness. Your trial will be heard in the High Court of Justiciary before a jury and you will be represented by a Senior Advocate, known as Counsel, or a Solicitor-advocate instructed by us on your behalf. In some more complex cases you may have both Senior and Junior Counsel appointed. We have extensive experience in defending those accused of murder, attempted murder and culpable homicide. 

You may have a complete defence to the charge or it may be reduced to a lesser charge upon evaluation or testing of the evidence against you. For example, a murder charge may be reduced to that of culpable homicide or attempted murder may be reduced to that of a serious assault.

Our specialist Criminal Defence Lawyers in Paisley and Greenock will identify any defence you may have and advise you on every aspect of the evidence against you, prepare your case to the last minor detail and represent you at every court appearance and consultation.     

Culpable Homicide Solicitors, Paisley & Greenock

Culpable homicide is charged when an accused has caused the death of a victim by his actions or failure to act but there was no intention  or wicked recklessness which exists in the charge of murder. You may have a complete defence. A murder charge can be reduced to culpable homicide depending on the facts and circumstances of the particular case. This is clearly a serious charge and a conviction will attract a significant prison sentence. It is important that you ask for legal advice straight away.  

Attempted Murder Lawyers, Scotland

The charge of Attempted Murder covers the same conduct that a charge of murder would, but without the loss of the alleged victim's life. Again, you could have a defence or the charge in certain circumstances could be reduced. It is vital that you contact a specialist Criminal Defence Lawyer straight away for free, straightforward, trusted advice.

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Our Murder, Attempted Murder and Culpable Homicide Criminal Defence Lawyers in Paisley and Greenock have over 100 years combined experience in successfully defending our clients in some of the most serious and complex criminal cases in Scotland. We cover Glasgow, Greenock, Port Glasgow, Kilmacolm, Gourock, Inverclyde, Renfrewshire, Barrhead, Newton Mearns, East Renfrewshire & every police station and court in Scotland. 

Contact us immediately for free, initial legal advice 24 hours per day. Call us in Paisley on 01418896458 or Greenock on 01475888286 or fill out our online form and we will call you.  

Bail Undertakings

Have the police released you to attend court at a later date? We can advise and appear with you.

Police Station Consultations

You have the right to a solicitor if you have been detained for interview. We will attend or advise you.

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