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Legal Aid is available in a wide variety of criminal cases in Scotland and for children’s hearings.

Our solicitors are accredited by the Scottish Legal Aid Board (SLAB) to provide advice and assistance and full Legal Aid where eligible for proceedings in any Justice of the Peace Court, Sheriff Court or High Court in Scotland. 

There are two main criteria for assessing criminal Legal Aid in Scotland. Our knowledgeable Legal Aid Lawyers in Paisley and Greenock will talk you through the process. These are the ‘interests of justice’ test and the ‘undue hardship’ test.

SLAB will take into account the seriousness of the matter and your ability to deal with it without representation and also, upon consideration of your financial circumstances, whether your legal expenses cannot be met without undue hardship to you or your dependents. You will need to show evidence of your capital, income and expenditure, for example, proof of savings; bank statements; wage slips or proof of benefits and household bills.

Legal Aid is often available if you are working or self-employed and earn a reasonable income. Our Legal Aid lawyers will advise you on all limits of income and savings and submit the application on your behalf.

Criminal Legal Aid in Paisley & Greenock, Scotland

Advice and Assistance

Advice and assistance will be granted automatically if you are being interviewed by the police whether you receive telephone advice from our solicitors or we attend, consult with you in person and attend the interview with you.

In other circumstances, advice and assistance may be available to cover initial work relating perhaps to negotiations and paperwork depending on your income.  It may be that you are required to pay a contribution. Our Legal Aid Solicitors will advise you in advance if any contribution is required, the exact amount and arrange a fair and manageable payment schedule.  

ABWOR (Assistance by Way of Representation)

If you appear from custody or at the first calling of your case and plead guilty, you will likely be granted ABWOR if you pass the financial test. This will ensure you are covered by Legal Aid should you also have to appear for any deferred sentence at a later date. Our Legal Aid Lawyers will advise you accordingly. 

Summary Criminal Legal Aid 

If you plead not guilty to a charge, you will require to pass the undue hardship and interests of justice test. SLAB will assess whether it would be unfair to you if you were not granted Legal Aid in addition to assessing your financial eligibility. If you live with a partner or spouse who has no contrary interest in the case, their income will also be taken into account.  

Solemn Legal Aid

Although the financial test applies, most solemn matters automatically attract Legal Aid due to the seriousness of the matter.  If you are in custody, it will automatically be granted until you are granted bail and a decision is then made on your financial eligibility.

Our expert Legal Aid Lawyers in Paisley and Greenock are extremely knowledgeable and will guide you through the entire process to make it stress-free and straightforward. Contact us for initial, free advice.

Criminal Appeals

Legal Aid is often available in these cases even if Legal Aid was not granted for the initial proceedings.  Contact our Legal Aid Lawyers for free initial advice.

What to bring along to your meeting with us

To help us go through the Legal Aid process faster, it would help if you could bring proof of income and a bank statement to your initial meeting with us. 

Children’s Hearings Representation Scotland

If you are a child or parent, guardian or carer who requires to attend a children’s hearing, we recommend you seek legal advice, assistance or representation. You may qualify for legal aid which is awarded in the majority of our cases. Contact John Gardner & Co, Children's Hearings Legal Aid Lawyers in Paisley and Greenock who will give you free advice on applying for legal aid.  

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Bail Undertakings

Have the police released you to attend court at a later date? We can advise and appear with you.

Police Station Consultations

You have the right to a solicitor if you have been detained for interview. We will attend or advise you.

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