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Historic sexual abuse accusations are treated very seriously by the police and the courts, and you may face a significant custodial sentence if convicted. Furthermore, historic sex abuse cases can be incredibly complex, involving complicated legal rules about admissibility.

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What is Historic Sexual Abuse?

Historic sexual abuse refers to a sex offence that was allegedly committed many years earlier. These cases are undoubtedly difficult, with much of the evidence based on the accounts of alleged victims or witnesses relating to supposed past events.

We understand the impact such allegations can have on the accused. Not only is your reputation at risk, but your family’s life can be affected as well. If you suspect you may be charged with historic sexual abuse, there is no time to delay. Our team are on hand to help you defend yourself against a historic sexual abuse claim today.

Historic Sexual Abuse and the Law in Scotland

Historic sexual abuse is a very complicated and emotive area of the law. While current legislation is governed by the Sexual Offences (Scotland) Act 2009, the charges brought against you will be based on the law at the time the offence allegedly took place. With a comprehensive understanding of both current and past sexual offence legislation in Scotland, our solicitors are perfectly placed to assist you with your case.

Expert Defence Lawyers for Historic Sexual Abuse

In recent years, there has been a marked increase in historic sexual abuse claims with more alleged victims coming forward to the police. As there is typically little to no physical evidence for historic sexual abuse claims, these types of claims will generally focus on the claimant’s credibility. When you are accused of a historic sexual offence, you need an experienced and committed defence lawyer by your side who will scrutinise the evidence made against you. As an established criminal defence firm, you can be sure our team will work tirelessly to advise you and protect your rights through every aspect of your case.

A sexual crime accusation can cause irreparable damage to a person’s reputation, destroying their personal life and career in an instant. Even where the allegations are not proven, you may still suffer as a result.

If you are being investigated for historic sex abuse in Scotland, or you believe you may be charged with the offence, it is essential to seek specialist legal guidance immediately. Early advice from a legal professional will give you and your case the best chance of a successful outcome. With an excellent track record in defending our clients, you can rely on our team to build a robust defence strategy for your circumstances.

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